Research, context, validation, depth: the dramaturg’s role changes with every production. Whether it be offering insight into the playwright’s world, or clarifying the meaning of an archaic phrase, or working with a director to trim a script down to size, the dramaturg is a flexible, adaptable artist dedicated to the production’s success.

With over fifteen years of professional production dramaturgy experience, including time with some of Canada’s largest classical stage institutions, I bring valuable, incisive, in-depth research which contextualizes the world of the play and lessens the burden from actors, directors, designers, and, ultimately, the audience. Whether it be pre-production preparation, in-rehearsal tablework consultancy, or performance support, the dramaturg’s task is to help raise your play to new heights. Similarly, in an outreach capacity, the dramaturg can build physical engagement spaces for depth of context, as well as offering copywriting, talkbacks, and support throughout all modes of a production.

As a professional academic, my time is heavily structured, which means that rehearsal engagement during the school year is difficult. However, I remain available for contracts outside of those meeting times (December-January and May-August), as well as in-semester offsite research contracts. Please contact me for a no-obligation conversation about how subTEXT can help you.