Extending the dramaturgical processes beyond the theatrical rehearsal hall, subTEXT aims to provide insight, support, and in-depth analysis for areas where narrative structure is crucial. This includes past commissions as dramaturg for comic books, film adaptations, video games, and podcasts. The addition of a dramaturg to any story-based project offers opportunities for clarity, accuracy, and truth in storytelling. Please reach out to propose how a dramaturg might benefit your project.

ACTIVE AND Past projects

Comic book dramaturgy

Kill Shakespeare (in-house dramaturg)

Video Dramaturgy

Melbar Entertainment/CBC/Stratford Shakespeare Festival (ongoing contract)

Video Game Dramaturgy

Industry Corp/Stratford Festival/University of Waterloo

Podcast Dramaturgy

Outlet Podcast Network/SpaceDad Podcast/Verbatim From My Stupid Life (all forthcoming)