Ph.D. in Drama (2009)

University of Toronto, Graduate Centre for Study of Drama (now Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies)

Dissertation: ‘Hast Thou Been Tampering?’ Adaptive Dramaturgy and ‘Richard III’ 
Supervisors: Profs. Jill L. Levenson (chair), John H. Astington (second reader), Linda Hutcheon (third reader), Barbara Hodgdon (external reader, University of Michigan).

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English and Theatre Studies (2001)

University of Western Australia, Crawley.  

Honours Thesis: Kenneth Branagh and ‘Hamlet’: Towards an Accessible Shakespeare 
Supervisors: Profs. Christopher Wortham (chair), R.S. White (second reader).

Employment in Higher Education

State University of New York at Oswego, Assistant Professor (August 2017 – present)

Teaching courses in dramaturgy, criticism, theatre history, introduction to theatre, and other general education courses.  Fulfilling service requirements in practical production dramaturgy in association with departmental productions. 

University of Waterloo, Post-Doctoral Fellow (January 2013 – May 2017)

In association with The Stratford Festival (Ontario), co-funded initiative: development of a series of research questions, including The Extremest Ends of Parallels’: A Visual Analysis of the Stratford Festival Prompt-Books and The Dramaturgy of Education: Digital and Textual Avenues for Stratford Festival Student Enrichment.  Collaboration on a research question entitled Gamifying Shakespeare: game-based digital media for Stratford Festival.